Mission & Philosophy

The Jungle Gym Mission

    To Educate

The fitness industry in general needs to educate their potential clients to prescriptive exercise whether it be general fitness or specific for the participant. There are many new fads arriving and unless we as practitioners demonstrate correct techniques and safe practices people will continually hurt themselves through no fault of their own. You never get a second chance at a first impression.

    To demonstrate form & function

The body is designed to move as a single unit and many of the traditional gym patterns and training techniques have isolated specific body parts such that they no longer move as nature intended them to. In many cases it is re-educating participants. This would include correcting poor form and introducing natural techniques that would transfer across to areas outside the gym.

    To Utilise Innovative Tools

There are many innovative companies who have designed equipment specifically for functional training. Second to none would be PurMotion who have specifically designed innovative and creative exercise equipment. The beauty of their equipment is that you can use their equipment in and outside of the gym. Traditional manufacturers design equipment that you conform to, whereas PurMotion design equipment that the body naturally adapts to, including your ability and skill level.

    To Motivate

We want to motivate and inspire people to keep coming back to us because we offer something totally different than the stereotypical gym. There are better and safer ways of working out, losing weight, gaining muscle, and free from pain

The Jungle Gym Culture

The Jungle Gym Culture encompasses and promotes community within and outside the gym. To get the best out of your workouts we need to drive and motivate you. Education is paramount due to the difference of equipment and philosophy of training. You are not left to your own devices because there is always a trainer on the floor to help familiarize you with how we do things. A lot of companies talk about service, well we live it and it's been said many times that "it's like having a personal trainer every time you come to the gym". What better accolade can we get from our clients. Our local coffee hangout is Java Jungle and you can see a lot of our clients down there before and after their workouts. They make great coffee and Zoe and Laura will always make you laugh.

Our Values

The Jungle Gym Values are simple. We value our customers and would not get them to do anything in The Jungle Gym we wouldn't do ourselves, Comradery is fostered among those working out because everyone is going through the same thing (knowing what each other is feeling) being pushed to their real potential. We are here to motivate and drive you to get the best out of your time in this gym. Safety is paramount to us adding another reason to always having a trainer on the floor (like the old days) looking after you and ensuring you have good form and technique.

The Jungle Gym Philosophy

We Believe:

The body works as an integrated unit doing ground based movements (On Your Feet!).

  • 1. SIX basic movements. Push, Pull, Rotation, Locomotion, Level Change and Complexes (any combination of two or more of the first five). A complete training program should cover all of them.
  • 2. Train in every direction! North/South (sagittal), East/West (frontal), Rotational (transverse).
  • 3. The resistance to motion can come at different angles…aka “Multi-Directional Resistance Training”
  • 4. Loads can be equal on both sides of the body (Bi-Lateral) or only on one side of the body (Unilateral).
  • 5. The body can expend energy slowly or quickly. The body should be trained to do both efficiently and all points in-between.

Following these principles will ensure you will be in compliance with Nature’s Law of Human Movement. This explains why you will never see other mammals doing extensive warm-ups or cool downs before or after a chase!!!

What Makes The Jungle Gym Methodology™ Approach Different?

To begin with, The Jungle Gym has adopted the PurMotion methodology and incorporated it’s principles into a unique alignment with The Jungle Gym’s philosophy and training practices.

PurMotion & The Jungle Gym centres on a methodology and not a tool or product. The methodology dictates both the form and function of the tools as well as how they will be used. Because we have a methodology, we can explain why we do what we do. Every motion in every workout has a reason and purpose about pursuing natural human movements either using our own bodyweight or managing external weight.

Because our training methodology works with the body and not against it, there is less chance of injury. The tools and movement patterns were designed specifically to keep the joints “happy” and not in an unnatural or compromising position. You can be in your teens to 70s and beyond and still be strong, fast and explosive!!! How can you do this? The PurMotion™ & The Jungle Gym training methodology implements the concept of Multi-Directional Resistance Training. This leads to a balanced body reinforcing or validating Nature’s Law of Human Movement.

We teach the body to move in a natural, flowing way (we refer to this as “more sexy” or with “swagger”) and in compliance with the Fascial or Functional Lines. We pay extra attention to movement efficiency. No need to do long warm-ups, cool-downs or separate strength and cardio. It’s all rolled up together in a PurMotion™ The Jungle Gym training methodology

What Kind of Movement Patterns Do We Use?

Our movement patterns come from different training modalities such as Power Lifting, Olympic lifting, Body Building, Strongman Lifts, Martial Arts, Track and Field and Bodyweight Training. Instead of “ADOPTING” we apply the PurMotion™ Methodology to ADAPT and modify these movement patterns to improve movement efficiency while reducing or eliminating the risk of injury potential.

Is It Expensive?

The Jungle Gym™ tools are very cost effective considering the number of exercises you’re able to perform compared to isolated muscle gym machines that only do one thing. For instance, a commercial chest press might cost $4500 to do one move; chest press. The cost per movements is $4500/1 = $4500. The cost of doing a chest press in this machine equals $4500!!! In contrast, the Renegade System starts at $89 with at least 10 exercises. Your cost per movement equals $89/10 or $8.90!!! This is a huge cost and space saver option. Fitness should be available to everyone and we are committed to do just that.

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