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  • About Us

    What We Do
    The Jungle Gym ™ was founded by Gregg & Kelly Walden who are passionate about exposing clients to the latest training modalities utilised by world class coaches’ trainers and athletes. The Jungle Gym provides simple, quality, cost-effective fitness & performance training systems allowing you to perform exercises in a safe, unrestricted manner, working with your body's natural movement & flow. Functional Training? The Jungle Gym is an advocate of Functional Training and ?promotes this through innovative movement patterns and equipment designed totally different from your stereotypical gym machines. This is directly linked to The Jungle Gym methodology and is ....

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  • Mission & Philosophy

    The Jungle Gym Mission
    To Educate
    The fitness industry in general needs to educate their potential clients to prescriptive exercise whether it be general fitness or specific for the participant. There are many new fads arriving and unless we as practitioners demonstrate correct techniques and safe practices people will continually hurt themselves through no fault of their own. You never get a second chance at a first impression. To demonstrate form & function
    The body is designed to move as a single unit and many of the traditional gym patterns and training techniques have isolated specific body parts such that they no longer move as nature intended them to. In many cases ....

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