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Gregg Walden in Browns Bay - The Jungle Gym

Gregg Walden

Gregg trained in martial arts from a young age and represented NZ in Judo. He also learned the art of Juijitsu, Taikwondo and Kiokoshinkai. At 19, Gregg joined the army and gained knowledge and training techniques from the best Private Training Instructors New Zealand had to offer.

Since gaining a Diploma in Sport and Exercise through Otago Uni, Gregg has worked in various capacities in the gym industry including owning his own gym, and personally training over 800 people through the Body for Life programme.

Circuit training has always been at the forefront of group training and this is where Gregg utilizes his vast experience and knowledge to offer programmes which challenge, motivate and educate you. You’ll always come back for more!

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