The Jungle Gym Success Stories

  • Don & Anne Hellier, The Jungle Gym Testimonials

    We joined the Jungle Gym after seeing them on TV One's The Good Morning Show. We were so inspired on seeing something totally different than what was offered and it looked like fun and hard work at the same time. We have been members since. Don has suffered from Osteoarthritus and has found this type of training has helped him immensely which has even surprised the doctors.

    Don & Anne Hellier
  • Kevin Kelly, The Jungle Gym Testimonials

    I have been going to gyms and training for various events for a long time. I attended a "Power Day" which is the hardest day workout of the week. I've been a body builder and compete in Mountain riding for a long time. I have have found this type of training absolutely challenging and has increased my fitness and power base tremendously. Would go nowhere else now. I'm hooked!

    Kevin Kelly
  • Peter Norris, The Jungle Gym Testimonials

    I heard about The Jungle Gym so decided to come and check it out and have been here since. No workout is ever the same and I have made many a friend from the gym. I don't have to think about what I have to do or what body parts I'm going to workout, all I do is turn up and get told what to do. I have competed in the Tough Mudder events and thyis type of functional training perpared me well for what was in store.

    Peter Norris
  • Kim Wong, The Jungle Gym Testimonials

    WOW it's like one huge family in here. Never did like gyms but this isn't like any other gym I've been to. The trainers are friendly but hard nosed in terms of training and getting the most from us. If we slack we run the ramp. It's called "punishment with benefits" punishment because we didn't follow the person in front of us and benefit because we get fitter while we're doing it.

    Kim Wong


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