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Fluid Motion Circuit Classes and Personal Training in Browns Bay, North Shore, Auckland! Train The Way You Move The Way You Play.

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If you’re looking for long term, permanent results... COME TO THE JUNGLE! We offer so much all under one roof: Expert Fitness Assessments, Nutrition Advice, Functional Group Circuit Classes, as well as Personal, Small Group & Sports Specific Training!

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Gregg trained in martial arts from a young age and represented NZ in Judo. He also learned the art of Juijitsu, Taikwondo and Kiokoshinkai. At 19, Gregg joined the army and gained knowledge and training techniques from the best Private Training Instructors New Zealand had to offer. Since gaining a Diploma in Sport and Exercise through Otago ...

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The Jungle Gym was founded by Gregg and Kelly Walden who are passionate about exposing clients to the latest training methods used by world class coaches, trainers and athletes. The Jungle Gym provides a simple, quality, cost-effective training system allowing you to exercise in a safe, unrestricted manner, working with your body's natural movement and flow. No need to do long warm-ups, cool-downs or separate strength and cardio - it’s all rolled up together in our training methods.

The Jungle Gym believes in Functional Training and promotes this through innovative exercises and equipment that are completely different from your usual gym. Functional training incorporates movement utilizing both body-weight and resistance to create solutions. This means anyone from those with injuries or physical impairments, to the super fit can achieve the next level in their fitness goals. Just about anyone can be a member - kids from 11 years can train safely in The Jungle Gym with our oldest member currently 75! Use your body weight and natural movement for an intense workout that's more fun, safe and effective than traditional gym set-ups.

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